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Dr. Trek has a genuine concern for each individual situation and evaluates your problem from A-Z before any manipulation or treatment. I have been to chiropractors in my past who always do the exact same thing every visit no matter the problem. Dr. Trek takes the time to listen to every detail of your issue(s) and has different adjusting methods and therapies for EVERY situation. I always walk away from visits feeling relief! I also love the fact that it is family owned and operated. Dr. Trek and his wife are professional, kind, and genuinely care about helping their patients! I have been to chiropractors all over the world and I can honestly say they are my favorite Chiropractic team!

- C. Patelidas


I was bed bound and couldn't even drive myself to my appointments. Thanks to Dr. Trek I have experienced over 89% improvement after only 3 visits! I can finally walk, bend, and breathe again without pain. I am excited about being able to do my regular daily activities with my 4 year old and can't wait to get back to playing tennis!  THANK YOU DR. TREK!

- K. Drury


I used to experience constant low back pain that affected my ability to work, but I always see improvement after each visit with Dr. Trek! I have also seen an overall improvement in my health with regular visits to Dr. Trek!

- R. Stalvey


Dr. Trek is a "life-saver" in such a sense that I panic when he leaves town for a holiday or vacation! I have less stress and less pain after an adjustment.  He makes my tomorrow better!

- S. McCormick


Without Dr. Trek's chiropractic care, I don't beleive I would be walking! After my visits, my hips are no longer painful, my shoulders have improved greatly, I have better use of my hands, my headaches have stopped and my mobility is much better!

- D. Freeman


I was skeptical before beginning chiropractic treatment at Back to Health Chiropractic, but I can now say that I would recommend others to Dr. Trek and his massage therapists!  I have more flexibility and less pain than I have had in 10 YEARS! Dr. Trek clearly explained my condition and treatment program, answered all of my questions and the office staff is WONDERFUL!

- V. Davis


Before I was treated by Dr. Trek, I couldn't stand, sit, or walk much without severe pain. Now I can do more activities than I ever could before. Dr. Trek helped me get my life back! He's such a  good doctor!!!

- A. Ray


I have suffered from multiple back and neck problems, but Dr. Trek and his massage therapists keep me mobile and relieve my symptoms! All the staff at Back to Health have been exceptionally helpful & friendly!

- S. Lynch


I am 6’1” and for the last 5 or 6 years I have maintained a constant weight of around 250lbs give or take a few depending on my activity.  A few months ago I had a routine physical from a local internist.  He informed me that blood pressure was borderline high at 130/90.  He felt that if I lost some weight it would become normal.  He prescribed some diet pills.  The pills were a mild form of speed.  Even though it suppressed my appetite, it was hard for me to focus.  I stopped taking them and my weight increased to 261lbs.  With the added weight I started having back and neck pain so I went to see my chiropractor. Dr. Trek Smith suggested a 21 day plan that is designed to detoxify my body, and as a result I would also lose weight.  I took the information he gave me and at first glance I was intimidated.  It required a strict diet of mostly vegetables and no meat until the 10thday of the detox.  Dr. Trek informed me that he does this cleanse at least once a year and it is not as hard as it sounds.

He suggested I start on a Friday, being during the first few days while your body expels toxins you may feel lethargic.  He was absolutely right, I’m 40 years old and woke up with a couple of zits on my chin. Since he warned me that during the first couple of days, as your body expels toxins, this might occur I wasn’t concerned.  I was actually thankful that he had the foresight to suggest I start during the weekend.  Saturday was the only day that I felt lazy or even had cravings for junk food.  As the days went on the cravings became less and less.

On the forth day I woke up at 5:30 in the morning full of energy.  I strapped on my sneakers, put my headphones in and took off.  I could have walked all day, but didn’t want to over do it.  Everyday after was easier than the last.  I weighed myself on the Tuesday after starting the Friday before and had already lost 5 lbs.  Seeing those kinds of results was an incredible motivator.  Everyday after I went further and faster, the cravings to eat bad food disappeared.  I started researching recipes that focused on vegetables and found plenty of good food (this was key for me, as I knew I couldn’t eat salads all the time).

I went back to my Internist during my third week and he was amazed.  I had lost 25lbs and my blood pressure had dropped from 130/90 to 107/75 in three weeks. Before the detox I had heartburn daily, which has now gone away.  It seems as if the health problems which I had been living with for the past 5 years have all gone away. He ran me through a series of blood test to make sure I wasn’t deficient and I checked out better than I have in ten years.

Even though my 21 day cleanse ended,  2 ½ weeks later I’m still eating the same without wanting bad food,  I’m still working out, and I’m still losing weight.  I can’t thank Dr. Trek enough for showing me the path to a healthier life.

- W. Lynn

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