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Common Sports Injuries And How A Chiropractor Can Help

Common Sports Injuries And How A Chiropractor Can Help

As most people know, regular exercise and an active lifestyle are essential for staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Playing sport injuriessports is a great way to stay fit while enjoying the benefits of a beloved activity, but along with the benefits, injuries are also a natural part of the equation. From muscle strains and tears to joint problems, active individuals can be at greater risk for injuries. Dr. Trek Smith, a chiropractor in Brunswick, GA, offers a number of adjustments and treatment options for sports injuries and orthopedic conditions.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Common Sports Injuries in Brunswick, GA

Some sports and physical activities are more likely to lead to strains and injuries than others. According to Men's Fitness, some of the most common sports injuries include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle strain
  • ACL strains/tears
  • Bursitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Low back pain
  • Quad and hamstring pulls/tears
  • Sciatica

An injury like hip bursitis or even a case of plantar fasciitis can affect the body's alignment, adding additional strain and pressure on joints, the supporting muscles and connective tissue and the lower back. Because many sports injuries are caused by repetitive movements and overuse, like repeatedly practicing a tennis serve or running for miles and miles on hard surfaces, practicing proper form, strength training and maintaining flexible, loose muscles through stretching are key to avoiding pain or an injury.

A chiropractor can help by designing a program of adjustments and training to keep the muscles strong enough to support the joints and flexible enough to help prevent common strains and tears. Typical chiropractic treatments include everything from massage therapy to spinal and joint adjustments.

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If you are suffering from a sports injury or dealing with chronic back pain, contact Back to Health Chiropractic by calling (912) 466-9945 to learn more about your treatment options and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith today.

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