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By Back to Health Chiropractic
March 17, 2016
Category: Chiropractor

Sports Injury - ChiropractorHave you ever had a sports injury that limited you from playing your favorite sport? If so, you aren't alone. Whether you are a weekend sports enthusiast or an athlete, getting back to playing again is the most important thing.

That's why an injury can take time to heal and really frustrate us. We want to be back playing yesterday. That's why chiropractic care is so important. Getting your injury assessed and treatment will not only get you back on your feet faster, but also screen out any bad habits that can lead to further injury. Let's look at some of the most common sports injuries out there, and review what you can do to get it better.

Injury: Hamstring Strain


  • Follow RICE principle if injury happened within last 48 hours


  • Electrotherapy, Ultrasound for swelling control
  • Stretching for increasing flexibility
  • Chiropractic adjustments to address joint tightness
  • Muscle tissue work to break up scar tissue
  • Active exercise to get back to full strength and prevent further injury

Key points to remember:

Hamstring pulls and strains are most commonly due to lack of flexibility and adequate warm up before beginning your sport. Apart from treating the area of injury, your Chiropractor will examine to see if there's any muscular imbalances. Having a tight thigh and weak hamstrings will lead to recurring injuries unless you get your muscles and joint motion back to normal.

Injury: Low Back Strain


  • Chiropractic adjustments to increase range of motion and decrease pain
  • Low back stretching exercises
  • Strengthening and core training

Key points to remember:

Majority of sports injuries to the back involve sudden twisting motions. Core strength is one of the most important goals you need to achieve if you are going to continue playing. Avoid any forward bending movements in sports, since this puts a lot of stresses to the spine and can increase risk of injury, especially if  you are being hit.

Injury: Tennis Elbow


  • Ultrasound or laser to help with tissue healing
  • Spinal manipulation around the elbow joint to increase joint motion
  • Muscle tissue work to break up scar tissue around the area of injury
  • Stretching exercises to increase range of motion
  • Strengthening forearm exercises

Key points to remember:

The pain on the outside of the elbow is known either as lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. This area has one of the least amounts of blood supply to the body. That's why it may take longer to heal. It's important to get back into activity slowly. You may even need to wear a brace to limit stresses on this area in the beginning. It's best to follow the advice of your chiropractor on your timing of return to sports. Getting back too quickly with this injury can lead to reinjury and further frustration.

Injury: Runner's Knee


  • Specific stretching of the muscles around the knee
  • Strengthening of inner knee muscles to improve tracking of the knee cap
  • Deep tissue massage techniques to help break up scar tissue
  • Examine the feet for altered gait and improper walking form
  • Address any low back joint problems that alter proper leg movement

Key points to remember:

Runner's knee is not only something runners get. Any form of sport that involves running or sprinting can lead to Runner's knee. Apart from stretching and strengthening exercises, its important to get good advice on proper footwear. Think of the feet as the foundation from which everything is built. Improper foot wear and bad form in walking can lead to increased stresses in the knee, hip and low back.

By Editorial Staff
February 23, 2016
Category: Chiropractor
Tags: Back Pain   neck pain   global health  

Are you suffering from back or neck pain?
You're definitely not alone, and we mean on a global scale. 

Man Carrying World

series of studies emerging from the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Project, a massive collaboration between the World Health Organization, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the University of Queensland School of Population Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the University of Tokyo, Imperial College London, clarifies the worldwide health burden of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly back and neck pain, in crystal-clear fashion, with low back pain identified as the number-one cause of disability worldwide and neck pain the number-four cause. Overall, musculoskeletal conditions represent the second leading cause of global disability.

Findings emphasize the shift in global health that has resulted from disability making an increasingly larger footprint on the burden of disease compared to a mere 20-30 years ago. In addition, while more people are living longer, the flip side is that they do so with an increasing risk of living with the burden of pain, disability and disease compared to generations past.

Dr. Scott Haldeman, a neurologist and doctor of chiropractic, provides a summary of the project's findings that should make it abundantly clear that conditions many people may consider relatively harmless actually have tremendous potential for long-term health consequences:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, neck pain and arthritis affect more than 1.7 billion people worldwide and have a greater impact on the health of the world population (death and disability) than HIV/AIDS, tropical diseases including malaria, the forces of war and nature, and all neurological conditions combined.
  • When considering death and disability in the health equation, musculoskeletal disorders cause 21.3 percent of all years lived with disability (YLDs), second only to mental and behavioral disorders, which account for 22.7 percent of YLDs.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions represent the sixth leading cause of death and disability, with only cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, neonatal diseases, neoplasms, and mental and behavorial disorders accounting for more death and disability worldwide.
  • Low back pain is the most dominant musculoskeletal condition, accounting for nearly one-half of all musculoskeletal YLDs. Neck pain accounts for one-fifth of musculoskeletal YLDs.
  • Low back pain is the sixth most important contributor to the global disease burden (death and disability), and has a greater impact on global health than malaria, preterm birth complications, COPD, tuberculosis, diabetes or lung cancer.
  • When combined with neck pain (21st most important contributor to the global disease burden – death and disability), painful spinal disorders are second only to ischemic heart disease in terms of their impact on the global burden of disease. Spinal disorders have a greater impact than HIV/AIDS, malaria, lower respiratory infections, stroke, breast and lung cancer combined, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, depression or traffic injuries.
  • Current estimates suggest that 632.045 million people worldwide suffer from low back pain and 332.049 million people worldwide suffer from neck pain.

"The Global Burden of Disease Study provides indisputable evidence that musculoskeletal conditions are an enormous and emerging problem in all parts of the world and need to be given the same priority for policy and resources as other major conditions like cancer, mental health and cardiovascular disease," said Dr. Haldeman.

The seven studies from Global Burden of Disease 2010, as well as accompanying commentaries, appear in The Lancet. To review the studies and all relevant material, click here. And by the way, when it comes to preventing and treating musculoskeletal issues, particularly back and neck pain,chiropractic care has been shown in numerous research studies to be an effective conservative option.


By Back To Health Chiropractic
February 18, 2016
Category: Chiropractor
Tags: Back Pain  

Find out what could be causing all your back problems and how your Brunswick, GA chiropractor can help.

It’s important to note that back pain isn’t a diagnosis, but a symptom of a health problem. Because it can be challenging to know the root cause of your pain, you’ll want to turn to your Brunswick, GA chiropractor Dr. Trek Smith to find out what is going on and what you can Back Pain do to treat it:

Mechanical Issues

When we talk about mechanical problems we are talking about the way your spine moves. One of the common causes of back pain is a disorder known as disc degeneration, in which the discs between the spinal vertebrae begin to break down. This is a common issue that occurs more frequently as we age. As the discs deteriorate back pain can set in due to the stress being placed on these regions of the spine. Muscle tension, spasms and ruptured/herniated discs are also mechanical causes of back pain.

Spinal Injuries

A sprain or a fracture to your spine can cause both acute and chronic back pain. When you sprain your back it causes tears in the ligaments of the spine. If you have osteoporosis then you are at an increased risk of developing a fractured spine. While not as common, accidents can also cause serious spinal injuries that produce back pain.


Many disorders could be contributing to your back pain. From scoliosis (an abnormal curvature in the spine) to several different types of arthritis (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis) to spinal stenosis (a condition that causes the spinal column to narrow so much that it puts pressure on the spine), there are countless medical conditions that could be responsible for your back pain.

Of course kidney infections, fibromyalgia, pregnancy and endometriosis can also be responsible for back pain.

If you are dealing with persistent back pain it’s time you did something about it. Turn to the spinal experts in Brunswick, GA at Back to Health Chiropractic to get you back on track.

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